My Lash Boost Review


You’ve seen the before and after photos and wondered if they’re real. You’ve considered whether the price tag was worth it. You’ve wished your lashes were longer, thicker, darker. Right?

Well, I wondered. So I put Rodan + Fields Lash Boost to the test.

lash boost photo

Let me tell y’all something – I LOVE lash extensions!

Correction: I love how my eyes look and how easy my getting ready routine is, but I do not love the upkeep of lash extensions. They can’t get wet. You have to get them filled every weeks. It’s a lot of work!

Enter Lash Boost – it’s a clear serum you brush onto your upper lash line at night (a little goes a long way). I am impressed with my results so far! I’ve been using it [fairly] consistently since early November. It took about six weeks for me to start noticing a difference in my lashes, but after that I feel like they were noticeably a little longer each week.

lash boost results eyes open
lash boost results eyes closed

Verdict: Love and recommend!

I’ve seen some reviews in which people mention some dryness or sensitivity from Lash Boost. I have not noticed any sensitivity around my eyes or discoloration on my eyelids. In my opinion, the price tag is worth it, especially if you’re comparing it to the upkeep of lash extensions. One tube of Lash Boost is around $150, and so far one tube has lasted me almost 4 months! I also love that Rodan + Fields is a cruelty free company – that is definitely another plus for me.

I will continue to use Lash Boost and keep y’all updated on my lash progress!

lash boost in use
You can tell I love this stuff – my tube has clearly seen better days! I take it everywhere!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this product myself, and all opinions are my own.